This post has been in my head writing itself, but time has not allowed me to write in a while…  well, only since March 31st and here it is almost a month later.  There was quite a few awesome things that happened that changed my perspective on life and such.  Maybe not perspective, but I realized my life had changed.

It did not seem that long ago that friends was actually a foreign concept.  My life was controlled by others, first a husband, a boss and friend, and then just the friend.  It sounded like protection at the time, as they sounded like they knew better than me, who to trust and who not.  Yet they were the ones I should not have trusted…  oh the irony…

So I had one or two friends… for quite a while.

Then I went to a seminar, an “unseminar” about working online.  It was crazy meeting people who were like me.   While MySpace was popular, people didn’t really connect, so love Mark Z or hate’m… Facebook changed my life.  Suddenly classmates appeared, and with pictures and comments friendships developed.  A few more seminars and more friendships developed.

And while there are those who argue that Social media does not make “real friends” because the person could be fake, I can argue and win that.  I’ve seen “real life friends” whom after a bit of time prove they fake their lives to win approval or be a certain way when it’s all appearances. When you finally see through to who they are, they get mad, blame you, or disappear the latter being the “missing friend.”

Used to the fake friends’ lies, of you can’t trust anyone, but me, I didn’t see all the real friendships from past and present that I had build offline and online.

King Cake

Yet can a real friendship grow… online?

Twitter 2 years ago, before it was popular, I met Jenni Field, the Pastry Chef Online. After some time we became friends.   In March, I joked about her sending a piece of her King Cake to me….

A few days later, there it was on my doorstep….

This is probably going to get one of two responses, “so what?” or “no way!”

Vicki B sent me a package for Christmas a bag with Rockstar on it.  We went to High School together.   Michele Scism of Decisive Minds sent me a ticket to her seminar in March.  Tam & Rhonda gave my soul some needed coaching.   And there is so much more as well…  that my brain is too tired to remember right now.

To me…

Rockstar Bag from Vicki B

This is nothing short of AMAZING!

I am not the best at remembering dates.  But I am the weirdo that finds the “perfect gift” and hides it in my hall. Other treasures I find and mail off immediately or when I think someone needs a boost…

(This was the years between high school and now) Yet, the aforementioned boss, would make a big deal of everyone else’s birthday and forget mine.  Most people forgot my birthday, but they asked days before “Isn’t your birthday soon?” Yes in 2 days!!.  The ex-husband and boyfriends did as well, even after asking what do you want, and me being very clear.  They forgot, or made a big fuss about how honored I was to go do what they wanted with them and eating where they wanted.

And here was a package in the mail.  5th one in less than 6 months.  A little reminder, a piece of joy, an unexpected gift.  FOR ME.

“Tis better to give than to receive”  say some… but here is the deal, you can not give anything when you are empty.  Those little gifts, a bag and a book, some goodies, a piece of King cake… they filled my heart and soul.  It overflowed.  They were little but it gave me more love, so I could in turn give more out.

And you know what happens?

Being a Fabulously Fantastic Friend, makes Fabulously Fantastic Friends, who become Fabulously Fantastic Friends, who make Fabulously Fantastic Friends… It’s an upward cycle of love and friendship…

Wow, I just turned a King Cake and a bag with Rockstar on it… into a sermon.

It’s almost midnight, and my bed is calling…

Summation:  If someone could use a lift, just a little something might be all they need to be able to share with the world.  And I HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS!!

Lots of Love and Hugs,

MJ Schrader

PS.  Hey YOU, Thank you for being here!

You are an amazing person!  A beautiful soul… go ahead, go look in a mirror, lean real close.  Look that beautiful soul right in the eyes and tell that person how amazing, fabulous, and fantastic they are.

Jenni’s package!