Your passion feeds your energy, feeds your soul.   For those reasons and more follow your passion, because it reflects in everything.

Should your passion make money?

It doesn’t matter if your passion makes you money or not, you still need to follow your passion.  If your passion is not an income making thing, make it into a hobby, but stay involved.   In my blog posts I talk about abuse, unfortunately talking about abuse is not something that makes money.   However this is okay, because I don’t want to talk about it all day.  There are many people who love music; however,  for most it is not a profitable market.

Should your passion stay a hobby?

Sometimes your passions only stay as a hobby.   If you enjoy your passion only as a hobby when it becomes full time you lose your passion.  Graphic design is something I really enjoy.  You can see some of my graphics on, or or  I did the product graphics for all of those, of course, I should hope that I would do my own graphics. 🙂  Plus which has graphics and images and my wild imagination on various different products.   However if it were a full time job, I would no longer enjoy it.   So you must decide if you will still enjoy it when it is full time, or if it will become a burden.