There are two puppies sleeping in the other room. They are sweet, adorable and not mine. No, I didn’t kidnap puppies. The breeder is giving them varied experiences by allowing me to raise them for a couple of weeks.  I mentioned them in The Changes of Marky Mark Wahlberg but wanted to explain more

The couple of weeks is their ages 6 weeks up to 12 weeks … 2 litters. 2 puppies then 5 puppies. A lot of puppy sitting and care-taking…

The question I got before people saw their pictures is why. And then how can you let them go and why…


Well, this is not going to be a short answer. I have been thinking I need some routine shake ups recently. My routine is rather uh… routine, and I have gotten lazy in my scheduling. I know I can work faster, but why should I?

See the truth is, I don’t have much of a life offline. In my past I made friends with some people who weren’t very nice. Let me rephrase, I thought they were my friends but they were using me and once I broke free of that, they threatened… my dog, my house, my parents, stalked me, egged my car, and assorted other things. They never made real threats more of letting me know “things can happen.”

There are other people here, classmates (love you guys) but I am the one who is without children and single more often than not . They have kids parties and talk about children, and what they are going to do with their significant other.  Let’s face it, after this much time I am the confirmed bachelorette, except I don’t have the wild parties or dating that the confirmed bachelor does.

But there is also the neighborhood, watching it degrade. Dogs who are out almost everyday, strays twice a month. Times where I don’t feel safe, and times where I wonder if I live near a drug dealer.

Money or time have often kept me from things in Dallas, where I feel more at home. Plus an hour drive back and forth, you want your time worthwhile…  then there are times when it’s worthwhile but the hour back at 2am is so hard…

So the puppies seemed to be a nice breakup of that life.


They also mean that I must get my work done in less time. This means I learn that I can do it and learn about responsibility. This was also a test to see if I could possibly deal with single parenting. No. I love these little girls, but they are a lot of work. This lasts just a few weeks, not months, not years.


These are English Cocker Spaniels. Luna is either my 2nd or 3rd. 3rd if you count the one when I was a baby.

When Luna was 5 I started looking for someone who bred red ECS dogs, there weren’t many. I finally found a breeder, Calypso ECS in Washington (state). I really wanted a puppy from her female Mandy, but I wasn’t ready to get a dog then. When I was, I was unemployed and now recovering from that, so I couldn’t afford one. Oddly enough last year the breeder decided to go to college in Texas, in fact an hour and a half from here.

Now Luna will be 11 the day after Thanksgiving. But this summer she emails and asks if I will foster puppies. Read the above on needing a change and as the kicker, was another little promise.

See here’s the deal I have 3 senior pets, I need some youth in my life.

It’s some sort of change in my life.  It’s a cute change…  and little lives to take care of…  a lot being more responsible and a lot of forcing change inside myself.  There is another change as well.


Last year Kelly Clark and I worked on an ebook.  Well, it didn’t do much.  We have revised it and are getting it published.  I got the first proof, and now am waiting on the second proof.  After that I will tell you more about when it will be published.

The book is “Unlock Your Personal Power”  It is about goal setting, making changes in your life that make steps toward your growth.   Perhaps why I am doing so much to make such drastic changes in my life right now…

who knows…

But I know what change is in the air…


Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader