So I said there was a lot to cover since my babysitting absence. Perhaps my hesitation in personal writing has been that some personal stuff has happened. Some really great things that in some ways I am still trying to understand. But let’s sequence the wavy flashback effects now…


In February we had snow. Now for some people that’s no biggie, but for where I live, snow is a surprise. Snow that actually sticks to the ground for more than a few hours is a shocker. Snow for a few days?

Valentine’s and a House Guest

A few days before Valentine’s Day this snow moved in and then my boyfriend from NM visited while the snow was still here. This was my first Valentine’s with someone in 4 years which was nice, but a stress because I haven’t had anyone stay in my home for a couple of days in many years. I’d rather not admit it, but I have become a bit used to bachelorette life.

So here were 3 things that were bit amazing happening. Then another happened as well. My family is small. A family reunion would be 17 people with significant others, and 4 generations included. Since the family is small you would expect us to be close… you’d think… Then pictures must be made quickly before people see the camera.   Most certainly they don’t pose like we did below.


And my boyfriend’s cousins invited us to brunch at their house an hour from here. The cousin who I already knew through Facebook gave me a hug. His sister and her family, I didn’t know and they invited us in warmly. We laughed and talked in the kitchen while brunch was being made. Everyone interacting like families should.

We ate brunch. Sharing food, discussing the new dishes, accepting imaginary tea from the 2 year old’s tea cart. Then we cleaned up together and laughed at music videos. Later we went out on their boat. A 42 foot boat with a cabin. The biggest boat I’d ever been on, we cranked music, while the girls fled from the “old people dancing” and in the midst of it all “Imma Be” came on.

Imma Be

It’s the first time I heard the song.  Dancing on a boat.  Surrounded with LOVE.  My boyfriend, who makes my heart light.  A family who loves each other.  And my writing career growing.  I felt loved.  I felt amazed.  And I felt incredibly at home.

“Imma be living the good life. The good, good, life. Imma be living the good life.”

yea… I am…

♥ MJ

PS. The next post will bring us back to current times!

Silly video recorded while the song was playing… a beer with frozen head …

For The Official Video

By Black Eyed Peas Imma Be