Unfortunately writing of my weekly blog has been a bit weak in the weekly department. But odd is the life of a tax professional, work is all consuming during the end of January and beginning of February. Then it slows, and slows some more to suddenly pick up at the very end.

But that is not the point of this weeks blog. This past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, so I went to the service at St Pauls Episcopal Church. Fr Gary gave an interesting lesson, odd in the difference between his and Fr Gordon’s lesson on Sunday. Fr Gordon preached of the doom and gloom of the present economy, the world and other present situations.

Ash Wednesday, with a dust to dust type premise presumed a similar take. Yet Fr Gary took a far different approach, one that made me happy and made me add another Lenten vow. Fr Gary told us that Lent could easily be the Initials for “Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking.”

How much of life is actually a result of point of view?

While I was driving my friends to a concert, the lid came off my coffee cup. Coffee spilled in my lap. Yes I did cuss, but that was because I suddenly had a very hot lap! But I watched traffic, pulled off the interstate and parked. I cleaned myself up with a towel from the trunk. Finished driving us to the concert and had a wonderful time.

But it is still easy for me to slip into negative thinking. Unfortunately my parents believed in Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong will” and is branded into my brain. So today, I spent obsessing over my job ending April 15th, about having 2 trips I want to make this summer, both mean almost crossing the country, and someone I care about asked about a secret.

Yet as night fell, I had an urge to log into twitter, with work I haven’t had time. There top of the list was

@spiritcoach PASSIONATELY POSITIVE Radio LIVE NOW w/guest @WendyGYoung! : ) wanna good time? http://budurl.com/Wendy

They talked about ways to make be well, more Passionately Positive. This means focusing on the good things in life, future writing which involves writing your future as you want to see it, and so much more. You can click on the link and listen to the recording.

When the call ended a friend of mine from Facebook; Sherrie, talked to me about the good things in life and other ways to see the secret I had to confess. My twitter stream came alive with people with people I care about, @spiritcoach @WendyGYoung @ccgal and @lynettepatter and they each gave me kind words.

Spirit Coach Stephanie talked to me about Ho O Pono Pono, to help me clear the emotional pain. Lynette Patterson of talked to me about some flexible work. Janelle (CCGal) made me smile!

But by changing to Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking, my whole day changed. So ask you to do something special for Lent, Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking. 🙂