~~~ Life without Edges ~~~


Why do we take our lives as set??

There’s more at stake, than simple bet.

We are God created, full spirit beings

Yet life sedated; our daily ceilings.

We must bust cages, break our lives free.

Life without edges, true selves we see.

Our lives are more, if we just believe.

Life beyond store, yes, we can achieve.

~~ Martha Schrader May 29, 2008


I have been reading lots lately, trying to find my path.  Yet each book I read, tells me that we have more inside than we allow.  We limit ourselves, we are afraid to reach for the stars.  Afraid we won’t reach them, and afraid that we will.  We won’t ever succeed, if we don’t try.  Yet, we can not be afraid of the changes that success may bring.  Live life without edges.  Embrace your future, DARE SOMETHING WORTHY.