So today was a bit unusual…

First off naturally since it’s the weekend, and I could sleep late I woke up on time for during the work week.  During the week I struggle to get out of bed late!

Then I took both Luna and Butch for a walk.  I only take Butch on Sunday because no one is at the park.  The less people and dogs we might run into the better with Butch.

As we start heading home across the back of the YMCA baseball fields I see something weird, but I can’t tell for a minute what it is.  It’s a lady riding a cart pulled by a pony!  In one of the baseball diamonds!  

She watches us walk away, and rides around the diamond a few times then makes a bigger loop when we get further away.  

Then I leave the Y and start walking towards home.  I hear a noise up ahead, and I walk on a bit and see a motorcycle on it’s side!

There is a man trying to pull his leg out from under it.  I am across the street from him and ask if he needs help.  He says yes, so I tie both Butch and Luna up to a fence.  I yell “I have been around bikes all my life.”  

Then cross the road,  3 cars pass as I try to cross the street.  I get across the street and it’s a Yamaha V-Star and he has his right leg pinned.  I pick up the bike, and pulls his leg free.  Then 3 cars suddenly stop (after I have lifted the bike).  The guy says he hit the curb and it fell over, to some of the people that stopped.  I think he’s embarrassed that he fell over, got pinned and a woman helped him.

I helped him right the bike.  It’s leaking a little bit.  A guy says it’s fuel, I look at it and say “it’s oil.”  The man says he’s okay, and my dogs are worried, so I go back to them.  He has a bit of trouble starting the bike. (Normal considering it was on it’s side.)

I get home and feed Luna and Butch, then sit on the couch to pull off my wet socks.  (We had walked through a bunch of wet grass.)  Between the cushions of the couch is a weird brown cricket.  I toss him outside, and go feed the goldfish, in the pond outside, and oddly they actually grabbed food from my fingers today!

Then I find wasps on the eaves of my house so I knock them down with this 12 foot long piece of bamboo I picked up on another walk with Luna.  Luna, who has followed me around front, is pulling the last tomatoes off the bushes and eating them. 

Finally the day turns to a normal Sunday. 

Oh and just a note to you locals…  CE and I drove out to Tawakoni yesterday the lake is up!  Wow!  I haven’t seen it like that in years.  Yes I realize it has been like that for a few months but it was still down quite a bit when I went in early June.  Now we just have to get the boat up and running!

Also there is a new restaurant there call Monroy’s (Mexican) and it’s pretty good food!  THEY SERVE HUGE PLATES! The ground beef could do with more seasoning, but hey I am dating a Mexican so I expect flavor. 

Also yesterday I finally got some DVDs I ordered.  I ordered them for myself and my eldest nephew, Mortis or SC.  (I didn’t realize you were Scott Calvin are you going to turn into Santa Claus in a few years???) 

Anyway, these are InuYasha DVD’s  I got a great deal on seasons 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  But now there is a guy on eBay selling all 9 seasons and the 4 movies for a bit more than I bought mine!  OUCH!!!   Money’s tight, so I haven’t decided what to do.   InuYasha is a Japanese Anime and only on at 12:30am to 1:30am on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.  I watched 4 episodes from Season 4 just a little bit ago. 

Speaking of videos, I loaded a video of Salem Saberhagen.  I had just got the exercise trampoline  and Salem was exercising on it.  (Okay he was chasing a duster underneath.) But it’s cute.  Also added a McGyver Video I got from dog trainer named Geneva…



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