There are some elements which are very necessary for your online business success.

Do you have a mentor?

For years I wanted to create a business online, I started working online 7 years ago. My income was minor, but it was there. At the end of each year I had enough money to pay for Christmas. This was not exactly the business success I envisioned.

Then 2008 I wanted more, my income increased but not enough. Finally in July of 2009 I decided to finally get a mentor. My business started growing, I learned little things to help my business succeed, while my blog makes money now. If you are curious about my mentor visit Pat’s Coaching.

How does a mentor help?

Having a mentor has meant someone who stirs me into action. He guides me along the path, without forcing me or the situation from school “it’s my way or else.” Business is not like that, there is not one correct answer. However there are times when we need assistance and direction. A mentor also helps give advice when you are stuck.

Is it worth a monthly fee?

Well, as a friend would say, “it’s worth testing.” If you decide you want to try a paid coaching program commit yourself to three months of training. You don’t have to pay them for three months, you may quickly find you and the mentor are not compatible. However if you like them, then commit to 3 months. It takes time before your business will see any success, so quitting too quickly could shut you short.

What is the last important factor?

Yes, a mentor can help you. Yet, only if you make a commitment to work, to aim for success and go for it. So like mentioned previously and will be mentioned again YOUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOU!