It’s not that I didn’t want to write daily, but I have a lot of things I do each day and my brain is random, so I run around doing way too many things…

Katie says, "Buy Me Squeaky Toys!"

Katie says, “Buy Me Squeaky Toys!”

Plus life has been changing a lot lately.  See I got behind on the 30 day blog challenge, so I totally thought “it’s cool” I’ll just write enough to catch up, but then of course I fell further and further behind and then here it is almost a month later and I still haven’t written….

SO in my last posts I wrote about how I learned to love needles.  Ok, seriously I don’t really love needles, but I have gotten used to the feel of breaking Salem’s skin and knowing the needle is where it needs to be. If he goes into a room where I don’t have the light turned on, as long as I can see “ok” then I’ll go ahead and give him his shot….

He’s a black cat, I don’t give him shots in the dark.

Before that I wrote about How I hate to ask… seriously I’m trying to get better about asking favors, but life has been non-stop lately… for those of you who wanted to help with Salem’s expenses, an Amazon Gift Card works.   Unfortunately Paypal has changed the rules on donations, unless you are a charitable organization, you can’t accept donations.  Which, kinda sucks, because I used to donate to an online comic strip and really loved that I could choose the amount I felt like giving that week.  There are other “artists” and such I enjoy online and think being able to say, “you rock, here’s 5 bucks because you make me laugh / smile / geek out” was awesome.


Part of the reason I hate to ask for help or favors is because of old quotes that indicated it was selfish to love yourself, but loving yourself means you “put your oxygen mask on first.”  I hear ya, you are wondering what that has to do with this….   Quite simple.    See in “the event the cabin loses pressure, the oxygen masks will drop”  and you put your oxygen mask on first so that you can help others.  If you wait, you can pass out and then you are no good to anyone else.  In life this means you become depleted that you are not able to help others to the best of your capacity.

And this is why while it sounds totally selfish to ask for

These are things I seriously want and they will help me reach my personal goals.

I have more to babble on about… but it’s past bedtime and I am going to once again try to write more often!!



MJ Schrader