Well, I haven’t written a personal blog entry in a while. I could give excuses, but simply I didn’t have enough time to gather my thoughts to tell you what all is on my mind and what all was/ is happening.

New Experience: Babysitting

In February I accepted a job babysitting, daily 2 pm to 1am.  She is 4, a great kid.  Her parents are wonderful friends.  However this was a lot of time to be with a child who doesn’t bark or meow, when that’s been your only children.   (My only pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. I am trying to get comfortable with saying that… not easy.)

Lessons Learned

So the many hours and quite a bit of thoughts going on in my head I have not been writing my personal weekly blog. Not to say I have been sitting idly watching her and doing nothing else.  I worked with her on writing, cutting, pasting and measuring ingredients.  She rather enjoyed measuring rice crispy treats. (BTW leave out one crispy per each cup when you are doing this with a kid or if you are like me you will lose count, plus it helps her count).

She worked with me on patience and learning how to explain things better. Children need very specific instructions and sometimes so do we as adults. She had very specific terms she wanted to use, to her a shopping cart is a buggie. Shopping cart was not acceptable. Yet, as adults we forget that other countries and even other parts of our country have different terms, like pop, soda, and here “Coke”  while cringing at the word “pop.” So I learned a lot which I hope helps in my future teaching “how to” projects.

Expert Author

(♥ love that my name is attached to Author ♥) During that time I also worked on writing, improving both speed and consistency. While I was not writing here, I was submitting articles to Ezine Articles. I decided to write 100 articles in 2 months. 100 in 56 days. I did it in 48. Now there are 114 articles on Ezine Articles, 50 are published elsewhere and over 4500 views.

Also did quite a bit of thinking.  There is something to be said for trying something different. Yes, I needed money, (still do) but I didn’t babysit when I was a teenager.  I have for friends, but only a few hours, several kids and a few hours I was cooked.  So this was an experiment to see what I could learn.

I learned how to get more done in less time. Although now that I am not babysitting my schedule is wonky due to some other problems and I am doing less. Also I realized some changes need to be made. Like I can take on odd jobs doing graphics work, website set ups and even answer questions to make some money.

Do you need Graphics?  WordPress help?  Installation?

That being said, if you need graphics work, website set ups, or WordPress questions answered contact me. I am taking in jobs.   Just send a message via Twitter @MJSchrader or Facebook.  I am taking in 3

There is more to be said, but that’s for another post.

Live ♥ Laugh ♥ Love

~ MJ Schrader