Well obviously you can see the blog looks somewhat like it did, but at the same time quite a bit different.

As I said in the video, the avatar has changed. No more pink, no more city.

There’s the name change of my  Twitter account to @MJSchrader Visit Twitter, right click on the background, then click view background image for a fun game.  And I created a new account with my old name, just in case someone slips by on the change @MJSchrader

And yes this is just my blog website.

Just my blog site…

There are actually 3 websites. Http://MJSchrader.com/blog where you are right now. Then there is the “home page” available here

Oh; forgive me, I forgot there’s actually 4. Because I created a website within the LoveRockstar headline for Mastermind groups. But I decided I didn’t like it, and 2 weeks ago created http://BusinessTechTraining.com so now there’s actually two mastermind websites but one is hidden.

There are products and services available at available here these are to help you find your inner rockstar or help it shine. These are actually products and services I used to find my inner LoveRockstar.  And have gone from hating myself, to sort-of liking myself last year in 2008 to being able to say I love you in the mirror.

Make certain you join the Rockstar Army so you can learn the latest. If you enter via the slidein or here, then you will be entered in the big drawing today and the monthly drawing. Or just join via the box to the right. But as long as you take advantage of joining the newsletter today YOU WILL GET ACCESS to the BIG GIVEAWAY.

And you will get notifications because there is an ebook in the works. “Self-Improvement: Like a Rockstar” and then the book mentioned during Unseminar6 which is currently under the working title of “101 ways to finding your real worth.” It will remain under the “More Valuable than Bread” series because the Mother Teresa quote hits home so much.

There is more hunger in this world, for love and appreciation than for bread. ~ Mother Teresa

This phrase opens the heart and lets you realize where the real problems in the world are. And regrettably helps you realize how simple the solution is. But in reading this blog, then you can take a step and share more love… then you are part of the cure. And that’s were the magic begins and my hopes and dreams take flight…

this is why this website is here.

I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

And it’s 2:41 in the morning. I have a 12 hour show that starts at 10am, and I am crying. As tired as I am… it would be easy to say that’s why. But I just remembered, this change is not for me alone, but for you to see the world in a different light…

~ MJ LoveRockstar

There is more hunger in this world, for love and appreciation than for bread. ~ Mother Teresa

The number one problem that people have today, is that they do not love themselves. Dr Joe Vitale

If you hate yourself, then “Love your neighbor, as yourself” takes on a whole different meaning.