Wrote a blog just days ago… Dare Something Worthy.  Please read it.

But with my Dare Something Worthy Blog I realize I must announce my goals soon. These announcements are to encourage commitment.  Not of myself alone, but of you my readers as well, because you can now hold me accountable.

First I must commit to making S.M.A.R.T. goals this will help me take the steps I need to reach the big goals.

So you being curious ask, “What the heck are S.M.A.R.T. Goals?

S – Specific – what is the exact goal? Clarify and make it specific

M – Measurable – Each goal must be measurable, which allows you to see “forward movement.”

A – Achievable – If you cannot achieve the goal, what point does it have?

R – Realistic – It must be something while it stretches your abilities; it is something you feel you can do.

T – Time Bound – A reasonable time limit set for accomplishing your goal.

Next off I commit myself to GSD.  No not a drug, but Get Stuff Done.  Each night I will right down things that must be done to achieve my SMART goals, each morning I will take one task and commit to finishing it that day. Then take on the next GSD.

My big goals are in my mind, but not yet on paper. My goal for next week is to have all my goals written and added to this blog.

What are your goals?

Will you be smart and make your goals SMART?