Today at 2am I wrote on FB that I would be silent on Social Media until mid-week.  Well, that was good in theory.  Yet within 15 minutes of waking up at 7 am, I realized that would not be possible, I will be off Social Media until at least Sunday.

RestructuringPlease understand I will miss you, my wonderful friends and family!  If you want to shoot me a Skype msg, email or text, please do!  (You should be able to find those on FB or just look for me on skype) I would appreciate the love. No, I lie, I need the love right now.  So please just a quick ((HUGS))  or thinking of you… etc would be greatly appreciated, please understand if I don’t respond.

Yet this is currently my schedule for the next week… plan, plot, restructure, refine, redefine, strength, move, rebuild, and when I am not doing those I will be doing client work.  Some sleep, some goofing off just to give the brain a rest then back to it.  World domination is extremely hard work…

Do not be surprised if:

  • You see my websites shut down.  Some may permanently, some temporarily, some may be going to other purposes
  • You see websites change in appearance.  I have debated changing all headers to * RESTRUCTURING *
  • You see FB pages shut down. Those will be permanent
  • In order to close FB pages and do some of the restructuring yes, you may see me on FB, but it will be brief ventures.
  • You should continue to see 365 posts, they should auto load to FB
    • but the emails may not be regular
    • The weekly and monthly emails will be made easier to find
  • If I sound distracted should you call me.  (note I said please email, text or skype msg)
  • If I sound very mechanical should I talk to you.  I don’t mean it rude but when I’m in this mode my brain is not as versatile on switching from professional to personal as normal.
  • Yes, you and I may have talked business before, but I am not used to having someone I trust, and with these major changes I don’t even have the skills to explain what all is on my mind
  • Should you text, email, or skype I may not respond back right away, or even for a few days.  But I will appreciate loving thoughts and understanding.  I will try to get back with everyone when this is done.

If you have previously asked me what services I / my company offers, please feel free to comment below…  you will be first on the contact list.  That is part of what I am restructuring.

I am sorry that this is not one of my posts that provides you with great information, that discusses changes or helps you find your path.   But I do know I love you, and I can say that as long as you stay true to yourself, your success will come.



MJ Schrader