Tax season is drawing to a close, just 3 weeks left.   3 weeks to find a new job or create a business.  My thoughts are going back to creating an environmental membership website.  Actually it has never left my mind (well other than when it was too busy here to think about anything else.)

Renewable energy, green building, recycling, are quite popular topics, however I weigh things with a practical heart…

Discussions and thoughts make me realize that I enjoy doing taxes, but not bookkeeping.  Also I like variety… it fits with my ADD and creative nature, and yes I love designing shirts, just wish I could get more traffic to my store.  Have created a bunch of new designs,  although getting them in my store takes longer than creating them. 

At thirty *ahem* I am tired of working jobs I don’t like and working just to barely pay bills.   Maybe one or the other… but not both.  No es bueno.  Yo quiero un trabajo bien.

Hoping my boyfriend will be moving back to G-town in a few months… he’s been living in Dallas for 2 years and I see him less now than when we first started dating.

Wow and it looks like many of my friends from high school are going through changes. Of the friends I know about 1 just got married (TKC), 1 (KG) is getting married next month, 2 are expecting (TKC & SI).  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

Well hopefully next blog won’t be so far away…