Tracy invited me to a candle party and it was loads of fun, even though I showed up an hour late (as soon as I could get off work).   Then afterwards  I was tired and had to go to Walmart to buy food for various animals (dogs, cats and fish) when really all I wanted to do was hang out.  Especially when I had to go to work at 9 am on Sunday.  I have never worked on Sunday before….

My job at H & R BLOCK…

Yes, I have a job with H&R block this year, which is good news.  I work 9 to 9ish Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have Thursday off for Good Behavior.  Then Back again Friday, Saturday is a shorter day, with the place closing around 5 or when there are no clients.  So 9 to 5 and 9 to 3 on Sunday.

Das ist gut.  (German for that is good).

Lots of hours means that I will make enough to pay all my bills, and get caught up again and pay taxes on my house which are due before the 31st when they go up.  Except for it’s lots of hours, and I am tired, and I have to pack a lunch every day, and make dinner at least once or twice a week because I have to save money to pay bills.  So my eating out consists of spending a huge 2.50 on tacos at taco bell today.

Just maybe…

See part of the prob is that I am going to be working for 3 months…  until April 17th when my contract ends.  Now it is possible that they maybe, might,  possibly, consider keeping me.  Because they said that it is possible that they might possibly need someone to do bookkeeping after tax season and they maybe could consider me for said position should there maybe be enough work.

Now I don’t really like bookkeeping, but for anyone who didn’t catch that, because unfortunately a friend of mine kept saying “Just because you don’t like bookkeeping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the job.”  There are over 10 maybe, might, possibly, coulds in that sentence.  In other words it’s not a guarantee.

So Things I must do…

some where during this time off from 9 pm until 9 am I must do the following things… Sleep 8 hours.  (you won’t like me if I get much less).  Walk the dog 45 minutes, wash clothes, eat dinner, fix dinner, make lunch, actually pay bills, read mail, stare mindless at the TV because I am very tired and of course try to get my own business going financially in 3 months. 80 days according to H&R Block’s website.

BECAUSE I WILL BE A WRITER.  I WILL WRITE THE MAGNOLIA PHOENIX. and tell you the unfortunate things that have happened to her in her life….  And make enough to support myself while I write….

Such is life….

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