I meant to write this blog when I got back from San Antonio, but I didn’t.  Last Saturday night I spent with some of my new friends, whom I hope will be friends for life. 

See the pictures by clicking here.

It gave me hope to see this new world, or rather a world I knew existed yet had only seen glimmers.  There were people whose careers I had followed for years and they sat right behind me. 

At first I did a bit of hero worship, then the reality of their just acting on their ideas is what had brought them there.  And ideas are something I have in over abundance.

So forward I go. 

My life has changed.  Dramatically, and Drastically.  In less than 2 weeks, I became single again, “changed” my name, have realized what I need to do and most importantly realized my “Why.”

So let’s tackle this in order, skipping the first. For those who knew me before this weekend, as Martha or Martha Jo (both of my grandmother’s names), you can keep calling me either, but I am now using MJ.

To me, “Martha Schrader” is my grandmother whom we lived with.  Then there is one on the internet who is a Commissioner in Colorado.  AND OF ALL THINGS IN THE WORLD certain people call me “Martha Stewart.”    DO NOT! NO! 

Some people call me, “Mary Jane,” which is kind of cool.  I think of  Spiderman’s girlfriend, she has red hair, and she goes by MJ tambien.  (Yes I wish my hair was strawberry blonde.)

Martha Jo is too… country.  MJ,  it’s short, it’s simple, maybe not very feminine; but, it reminds me of Michael Jordan.  (Would love to meet him!) and a very dear ex-employer told me MJ was a successful name.  So yes I am the very successful MJ.     

From here on, my introduction is “Hello, my name is MJ.”  Or “Hi, my name MJ Schrader, and I am an Internet Rockstar!” 

What do I need to do?

Create.  Each month I will bring one of my ideas to life.  (where is the Frankenstein music when you need it?)  Hopefully later I will be able to speed up.  Speed up?  Yes I am way behind and have a spiral bound notebook full.

What is my Why?

For those who read the MySpace Blog, in order to make a dramatic change you need a Why.  A Why gives you the incentive to break free the shackles of 9 to 5 life.

So again, what is my Why?

Me.  2 weeks ago, I called that selfish.  But I realize now, that I am important, I can help others, do more, create more, give more, if I am who I really am.  

I love to travel, feed the birds, play with my dogs, work with my cat in my lap.  I love to help people, and listen to music, and be larger than the quiet “mouse” that so many see.  I want to be a Wonder Woman like Donna Fox.

And The Divine, is bringing the cards together, my soon to be web designer’s girl left a comment on MySpace for me.  And hopefully I will be able to hire both of them before long.  Because I already have a job in mind for you.  Funny answers were staring me in the face.

I now own http://www.cafepress.com/profile/mjschrader ,  my creative store, the store will be changing.

http://www.cafepress.com/profile/mjschrader, my blog

BusinessTechTraining.com,  a PLR membership website

www.book-wizards.com – unknown purpose, just a name I had 

www.momadoo.com – For moms & dads and others too 

www.PracticalGreenNews.com, for those who want to be green but don’t want an extreme lifestyle change.

Suddenly I feel more alive than I have in wow, years.  Pat O’Bryan – Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Unseminar 5.  Thank you for being part of a radical change in my life.  Thank you Dr Joe VitaleTony Laidig and Ben Mack.  Thank you Dr Scott Lewis

Thank you to the powerful women, Donna Fox, and Carrie (Barefoot Executive), who ran color commentary, and to Erica Douglass.

Thank you Eric Farewell, Simon Leung.  Thank you Craig Perrine, I owe you for the name “Practical Green News.” 

Thank you to Bill Hibbler, who helped me find my wonderful new Mastermind Group, 20/20, Carol, Armando, Scotty, and Kim.  Thank you to all the other wonderful and vibrant people I met.  A special thank you to Diane of www.propertyhugger.com

MJ Schrader