There are so many people to thank, it would take a novel to write everyone down. So let’s start at the beginning, because I want to show the effect of a domino.

Thank you to my parents… for obvious reasons.

Thank you to my ex-husband for teaching me that I needed to learn to love myself. Unfortunately I allowed myself to be cut off from friends and family… but I started following Joe Vitale around 1999 or so because he was a light in the darkness.

Thank you Joe for being that light and introducing me to Pat who hosted the Unseminars, and I finally went to Unseminar 5…

and then dominoes went crazy….

I met many wonderful people who are positive, encouraging and strong. Thank you for being my friends and …

Thank you for introducing me to even more people! And soon I had more friends… and more… and more….

And suddenly I find myself in a mastermind group, becoming a mastermind leader, have a couple products in the works and then…

I asked how to debut a website… and a brief idea ran wild and came back as a 12 hour live marathon event….

THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF IT! Thank you for everything!

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