This was my task.  A simple one.  One that multiple people had asked me about.  It’s a simple process that I had already done, before, for myself and for others, this time they wanted it recorded.  So my task was…


“Record how to get a product on E-Junkie.”


Ok, this should have been very easy.  But there was something that literally and figuratively blocked me.  I had internet interruptions that literally halted video, watching “Loading, Loading, Loading…”  Two takes were interupted by Lilo.  One time, she was mewing a lot, the second she tried to jump into my lap… and semi-missed.  The claws went straight through the jeans and the scream and threat to kill the cat didn’t seem quite appropriate.

Then there were takes when I couldn’t talk, (on this vebite???)  couldn’t type, couldn’t get to the right program.  Perfectionism got in the way a couple times.   Then some days I was too frustrated to film, and finally decided when it was 1am that it was too late.

Was I not comfortable with doing videos?

Was it lack of right equipment?

Was it that I didn’t want to work?

Was it a dry spell?

No, because I shot 4 during the Ejunkie chronicles.  There is a “Rockstar Starter Guide to Autoresponders” available for sale as of  November 6th.   The sales page is For Halloween wallpaper I created How to change wallpaper.  Then the popular MJ is  dressing up for Halloween as with a Video is at the bottom   To explain what I do I created a video for my friends on T61 Radio so we could easily explain the basics to newbies.

So that’s why I am a bit out of sorts over the EJunkie video.   It took over 25+ takes, probably closer to 40.  There were 10 in the two days before the final take, and that was 2 weeks of attempts.   Fortunately I found a way to unlock the Edit feature on the Camtasia version I have.  After that was unlocked I learned how to zoom, add boxes, arrows and some other stuff.  Perhaps I should leave that as the point?

Honestly, I don’t know. Hope the block is gone.  Hope it’s happy to leave me alone.   BUT I WANT EVERYONE TO RECOMMEND THIS VIDEO!!!  PLEASE BUY THIS VIDEO!!!    It’s only $14.95 and it would make me feel TONS better about it.   The sales page will go up on Friday.    It will be $14.95 there, even if you join the affiliate program this price is still cheaper.

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$14.95 for the E-Junkie Video that took 25+ takes

Seriously, please buy it.  It’s not a lot of money and it would really help me.  Between my budget getting tighter and tighter and let’s just say the video still caused me nightmares in uploading, downloading, putting it online, streaming it…

But what is the lesson you ask?  “You always share a lesson with us readers.”

Fall down 9 times get up 10.

Ok, a bit too fortune cookie.  But what do you expect, I shot one video over 25 times??  OK! FINE!  Lesson 1: The video isn’t perfect, but a perfect product never reaches the market because you are always working on it to make it perfect.

Lesson 2: It took over 25+ takes, it cost me time, a big bruise on my ego,  but I didn’t die.  (Unless I am dead and typing blog posts? Potential side effect from Plants vs Zombies?)  But the point is… the video finally got done, I learned and can move past it.   I didn’t die,  so what difference are a few bruises?  It’s not going to be the first nor the last.

Lesson 3: Sometimes you have to change pace, change your focus, change your mind.  You have a block.  So what?  Is that the only thing you can work on right now??  Clean house, play a mindless game, watch a movie, go for a walk come back to it later with a clearer head and fresh perspective.

Lesson 4: The attempts didn’t work.  You still put forth effort, find a way to reward yourself.  Give yourself a half hour to read a book, play games whatever.  Set a big reward for when the project is done.  Movie night, a day off, several games of Mario Kart Racing.  Those may be my rewards, but you get the point.  Now for the final lesson.

LESSON 5: This is the most important lesson of all.  Fall down 9 times get up 10.  The fortune cookie was right. Sorry, but it’s true.  You only fail when you give up; try again, change your project, refocus, but always get up again. AND THEN YOU HAVE WON.

Besides you can point and laugh at me and say, “it took you how many takes???”

Share with me some of your thoughts. *buy the video*  Add some comments below *buy the video*  Look for the sales page Friday *buy the video* and last but most important  pay attention *buy the video* to the subliminal text in this paragraph. 🙂

Live ♥ Laugh ♥ Love
♥ MJ ♥