Why July 20, 2009?

Why the big event?

I have been working on a new website since June 14. Unseminar 6 made me realize that my old websites; were just that, old. They reflected someone I was last year, in 2008, or even in the beginning of 2009. But that wasn’t me anymore

Admittedly the person from summer 2008 was a far cry from the one in the many years prior.

On July 20, 2008, I woke up and made a declaration. “I hate this life that I have right now.”

I finally got a room so I could attend Unseminar 5. I had hesitated because of the expense of the hotel and now I wouldn’t trade for it.

Within hours I ended the longest relationship I had been in (5 years), only the third relationship, that lasted more than a few months.

I even decided that by next year I will not go back to my job.

And those are the changes I remember.

Then 5 weeks later a kitten shows up on my doorstep. When I take her to the vet a week later, I ask how old she is, thinking she was 7 weeks old. He says she was probably born around July 20th.

And so when my mastermind group suggested that I do a radio show to debut the website… and this date, July 20th 2009 was right here… 10 days away what other date could I choose???

As for the show. They told me to do a couple hours, interview a couple people.. I was scared. I whined a bit, in fact. I have never done an interview, never done a radio show, never been live before. But as I said my life has been changing and in my heart I knew I needed A MASSIVE CHANGE to get where I needed to be. In fact my heart screamed “Go Big or Go HOME”

I needed to vanquish some demons.” Is what I told the Mastermind group when they asked what happened. And Mark Horn came up with the theme and invitation wording.

And that boys and girls is why I am here & you are too!