Personally I am not big into resolutions. Resolutions do not seem to work for most people. Perhaps because we resolve to “work out more,” or “eat healthier” or “read more.” There are no solid resolutions, no commitment or number.

Work out more? Eat healthier? By choosing to eat an apple today instead of a doughnut by definition is healthier. Yet this is not really what we need to do, we need to decide to eat an apple everyday. Decide to work out 3 times a week . Commit to reading 2 books a month. Commit to losing 5 pounds for the next 4 months and then maintain.

These are defined goals. SMART Goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Specific ~ an apple.

Measurable ~ every day.

Attainable ~ a slight stretch going from once a month to every day.

Realistic ~ 1 apple vs 5 (unless you really love apples)

Timely ~ for a year

The other thing to setting “resolutions” is to turn them into goals. Not goals for right now, but goals for the end of the year. So you have to keep working towards that end goal.

This is the idea that bubbled into my head reading Erica Douglass and her New Year blog. She has a #themeword for the year, Create. She wants to create more. More of everything. In Erica’s blog you can read that her goals are SMART.

After spending a few days in thought, my #themeword appeared. My #themeword for 2010 is “Action.”

Because for years I haven’t taken action. Because I want a massive change in 2010, which requires action.  Because I don’t want to go back to a job, action is necessary.  Because I must take action to get out of debt and into a new home.  Because I want to get my ideas on paper and on video, which requires action.  Because I have a lot to share that floats in my head, action again. Because I want to exercise 3 times a week in addition to daily walking, action. Because I want to travel, action. Because I want to spend time with someone special, action. Because I want to visit my friends in Texas, action. Because I plan to cook 3 times a week, action.

So yes, I do believe my #themeword is action. As for my goals… well I have them written down, but I don’t plan on sharing most of those. Yet, you will be seeing some interesting posts in the next few days.

What’s your #Themeword? Comment below and I will add your #themeword to this page.

MJ Schrader