Love vs hate

I have discussed before that my family dealt very heavily in hatred. While my parents made a choice to change, it is still there. But hatred is something that is everywhere. Look around, how many people are ready to tell you gossip, petty stories, be catty, or even downright mean.

That may not come from hatred, but it does not come from love.

See you can hate me for what I say here. You can hate Bill Gates for being rich. You can hate your boss or your co-workers. Perhaps you back up and say “I don’t hate them” while talking bad about them and dismissing everything they do. You stand there and judge them on all they say and all they do, but you are only hurting yourself….

The way to change is by accepting love. Justin Hayward said it best in the Lyrics to “Say it With Love” for The Moody Blues.

And with just one truth I’ve found, You can’t go wrong
Wherever you go, Whatever you do
Whatever you say, Say, say, say
Say it with love.

If you stop coming from any other point of view other than love…. your life changes. Think before saying… am I coming from a point of love? Before you do something, consider “am I doing this with love?”

When you start looking at life from a view point of love, you are not going to talk bad about people. Being mean, when you have to consider if you are coming from a point of love, is hard. You will change what you do, who you spend time with, and how you talk.

I know you may not want to change your friends, but you will have to stop talking bad about others. If you walk away every time your friends want to do something mean, you will lose some. Some of them are not going to appreciate your change.

This was why I lost “the missing friend.” She wanted to tear people down. It was a constant insults. I was tired of it, I started changing the subject or telling her to stop.  Then I had the nerve to ask for help, from her, a friend whom I thought loved me.

It still hurts. But I can love her from a distance. She may never understand why I left, and how much it hurt to be told later that I should never come back.  Or how much it hurt that her children are not part of my life anymore, especially to know that at least one of them dislikes me.

I love them.

But they are no longer part of my life, so my friends changed. Other friends disappeared as well, but were not as noticeable. Sadly some people prefer to deal in pain that deal in love.

You make the choice. You can decide change yourself. You can decide that there is only one truth, to go, to do, to say everything in love.

It is not a once in a life decision but a daily choice. There will be days when you must repeat your choice multiple times.

This is my choice. I may make wrong choices, but the only way to fail, is by not striving daily to be more in alignment with acting, sharing, speaking in love. It won’t be easy, but I will strive to improve myself, and hopefully reflect love so others can choose to change themselves.