February is almost halfway through, but I wanted to share la vida. We have had two snow storms and two ice storms in February in Texas. Bit crazy. What was bad was the last week of January, I had a bad flu, really bad. I slept for 4 days with brief periods of being awake. It was greatly upsetting to me to not be able to work on blogs, Ezine Articles (article writing), Zazzle (my new design store), Squidoo, Amazon, or internet beginners.


Yes, I may be crazy to work on all those different sites. Squidoo is my new interest. It’s like article writing accept I can add pictures and a variety of media methods. Now my blogs are on Amazon. The thing is I work all of them because they are fun, they allow me to vent creatively. Writing is my passion, but Zazzle lets me share my designs while the other methods share various forms of writing.

Right now, the only thing I know to do, is massive action.

There have been times when I followed instructions to infinite detail to find they do not work for me. Yet what I have noticed is plans and the path of success is not the same for everyone, sometimes they are completely opposite from another person’s instructions. This is why I take massive action.

Yet, massive action is completely opposite of what to do in a relationship. The other thought on my mind today. You see I have been in a long distance relationship for almost 20 months. Dating relationships completely confuse me. I didn’t date until I was 18. Then got married to the 2nd guy I dated, which I regretted 4 days after the wedding. Then there were single dates, sometimes a month, until the next relationship. I think a year after we started dating he got another girlfriend. Not that he told me, but in retrospect his behavior was of such, which finally admitted after we ended.

Then it was 2 years before the odd meeting with “that guy from NM.” His family was here for a wedding and I knew his sister. His sister and I arranged a long awaited reunion. At the restaurant, we sat with another friend. Laughing and talking until she said, “there’s my brother.” He was walking by the window, and the second I saw his eyes my heart stopped. My normal space boundaries with a stranger were not there with him that night. There was joy and happiness.

We have gone out every few months, yet sometimes that distance causes doubts, add to it my own insecurities about relationships. He works a lot and money here is tight, it’s a combo that makes life frustrating and confusing. But like the 7 inches of snow near Dallas, there are always miracles that are surprising and blanket the world in beauty.

So how is life surprising you?

Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader