Sad, I used to write here weekly. ¬†Now, not so much, I haven’t been making time for my writing. ūüôĀ

Plus side, I completely re-did a website, for the major client, StomperNet. ¬†This was a complete and massive overhaul of their¬†existing¬†site into the site you see now. ¬†The funny thing is that someone said, “Don’t let it go to your head and stop.” ¬† Funny ūüôā

There are other clients, plus I need to increase my income a great deal to be able to travel and move into a house with a nice office. ¬†But besides that I don’t really get the concept of resting, which is evident in that most of my friends are online. ¬†Then again, while other people say “Hey I gotta go, my significant other or kids is home. I need to spend time with them.” ¬† I can say that about work!

Married to Work

Don’t know how this would apply to all the “cute” couple stories or the lovey terms that couples exchange. ¬†This week has been rather full of those, worse this included a guy I had a crush on. ¬† And people asking so how long has it been since you were on a date. ¬† 9 months. ¬†6 months before that. ¬† 12 Dates in 4 years, if you must know. ¬†So I choose to marry work.

Probably via most common law marriage laws, I’m probably considered married to work.

This is my fate, I walk alone. ¬† ¬†Work, write and travel are the dreams I can fulfill. ¬†So starting today, this will be my life. ¬†Write, work, travel, write, work. ¬†The world doesn’t stop turning because of one site or one single success, especially not one that will be forgotten within years. ¬†Yet time marches on… time to make a mark.

Ah yes, I enjoy coding, I enjoy social media as well which is why I’ve changed from WordPress to web presence. ¬†Plus you see the above need to make more money? ¬†Building web presence is something that must be done constantly, thus it creates monthly income. ¬†This is what needs to built so I can have regular income, and I have started charging more for set ups and fixes. ¬†(Thank you Adam, Lee and Nicole) ¬†That income is not reliable so I must charge more.

You see, I need a mattress, I want a Kindle. ¬†I need to pay my bills, I want to replace and fix some things. ¬† I need no wheat, no corn, no soy food for my pets (food allergies), I want fresh fruit. ¬†I need a house, I want to travel. These things cost money… and while at a job I had to trade my time for money, I refuse to do so now. ¬†So work I must… said in a Yoda voice.

But it’s more than that… it’s also the fact that there is a story I must tell. ¬†And while I had to wait for the correct time… (I needed to grow more) the story is no longer sitting and waiting silently. ¬†It is begging to come forth… ¬†So I need to be a bit more married to the writing side of who I am. ¬†Leave my mark by pen and paper.


Live, Work, Write, Love