Love Rockstar is the website to make your inner Rockstar shine in both your online business and your life. It’s the cross over between my blog which is my personal life and Business Tech Training which is my online business.

Yet, life does not fit into neat little boxes, as it should. Geoff Hoff made my inner rockstar shine with his testimonial on the

I am a computer nerd and have a lot of experience with “the other” shopping cart software, but have never spent much time with E-Junkie. Recently a client needed me to to help him set up his E-Junkie account. There were things I just needed guidance on. MJ’s Rockstar Guide to E-Junkie did the trick!
She really is a rock star as far as I’m concerned. In her informative, useful video, she gently guides you through the process of setting up your account from start to finish. Any mystery or confusion disappears. And besides all the wonderful information she has, I love listening to her accent!

I recommend this video to anyone who is contemplating setting up an E-Junkie account to handle their on-line business.
Geoff Hoff

The video is just one of the products I have to make your inner Rockstar shine in your online business. Yet, with each I try to add a bit of fun because your online business needs your personal shine to go with it. Your business is a reflection of you. So when you work to make your life happy and bright it is reflected in your business.

You are a rockstar!