Poke the Penguin

Poke the Penguin really amuses me…. so I added it to my site!  Please use our Amazon link for your next purchases!


Free “Poke The Penguin” Paper Toy!

As a special thank you, enjoy this FREE Poke The Penguin paper toy. This high-quality paper toy features interlocking tabs for construction. Just add a dot glue or a bit of tape, and you’re good to go.
To download, click the image below and save the template image to your desktop:

“Poke The Penguin” should be printed on a standard piece of 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper.

Tips! Before printing, be sure to…

  • Select “Landscape” orientation
  • Turn the headers and footers off
  • Adjust the margins as needed, so the entire image is visible